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The star of many of our sloth specials has been featured in a sort of ‘day in the life’ Buzzfeed post. Find out how this cutie spends her day!

You can also check out our Meet the Sloths page on our website for even more sloth adorableness»


Confessions I watch americas cutest dog on netflix go ahead judge me…

This little guy isn’t judging you!


(P.S. you can also watch America’s Cutest on Saturdays at 10/9c!)

You have to be kitten me right meow! Has anyone else come into a room to find their cat climbing the wall?

You can see even more amazing pets if you tune into America’s Cutest Pet, Saturdays at 10 PM E/P


Touchdown dance.

Was everyone as psyched as we were to see First Lady Michelle Obama’s touchdown dance?

In the ah-dorable battle of pug versus baby, who do you think comes out on top? WATCH » 


It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally time for the big reveal of the Puppy Bowl X starting lineup!

Do you have a favorite already? Let us know!

See the full lineup »

Yeah, I guess you could say we’re kind of excited.

See even more Puppy Bowl coverage!

Talk about the ULTIMATE dog house - check out these photos of a gingerbread house, or Knusperhaeuschen in German, made exclusively for dogs.

Read More »

How cute are baby olinguitos? Seriously cute.

Happy Friday!

See more »


Are you ready? #PUPPYBOWL

Guys. GUYS. We’re only 96 days away from Puppy Bowl.

Join us on our Puppy Bowl Tumblr as we count down the days, reminisce about past Puppy Bowls and share with you the magic of Puppy Bowl X.

For now, re-live the wonder, the heroic plays, the fouls and more from Puppy Bowl IX »

Little Hernan has Down Syndrome and he doesn’t like to be touched, according to his mother Ana on YouTube. But Himalaya, a Labrador Retriever, persistently and patiently insisted on befriending the boy.

Watch the sweet video and prepare for your heart to melt »


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