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All these bears…


Why am I up right now watching this bear documentary on Animal Planet?


Pretty sure it’s been at least 2 hrs.

Because changing the channel would be unBEARable! If you didn’t watch enough, here’s a playlist of the Top 25 Grizzly Bear Videos»

Happy Monday everyone!

Send us your best bear puns!

A mother bear teaches her cub some critical survival lessons. Without them, a cub wouldn’t survive very long in the wilderness.

You can see this entire video and watch all the videos you can *bear* here»

Female black bears are called sows and usually weigh about 175 pounds. Male black bears are called boars and weigh two to three times the size of females at about 600 pounds.

Learn more about the (believe it or not) smallest of the three bear species ahead »

Watch what happens when a bear decides to give tetherball a try. Recess never looked fun/adorable/cute/terrifying »

How similar are animals and humans? See for yourself » 

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