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Sometimes Tia goes on rescues by herself and that isn’t an easy task.

Watch Tia singlehandedly save this pup from the streets and the rain here!

More stories like this are coming your way Saturday, October 4 at 10/9c with the season 6 premiere of Pit Bulls and Parolees!


"Hey kids! That’s your mom not a mountain!"

This sheep is one patient mom with her hooves full!

See more adorable lamb antics now on #LaborLive! It’s the last day of the Nebraska State Fair so watch until you can’t!

Happy Labor Day!  Spend your day off watching lamb cuteness on #LaborLive!  It would be baaaaaad to miss out.


If you aren’t watching #LaborLive, you’re missing out on a lot of cuteness.

Here’s the proof:


Can you resist smiling at a bouncing baby lamb?»

Isn’t he just the cutest?  Meet this lamb and and other newborn animals now on #LaborLive.

Sandy was saved from being put to sleep! No wonder she looks so happy!

Get more Pit Bulls and Parolees here and get excited for the premiere Saturday, October 4, at 10/9c!

Send us your pit bull pictures and rescue stories!

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Sometimes all a baby needs is a little encouragement from mom to get them going!

It took very little time for Desi Jr. to get on his feet and start walking especially with a great mom like Lucy at his side.

Catch more cute moments like this on #LaborLive, and if you miss a birth or first steps be sure to check out our highlights page!

We’re delivering calf cuteness like this all weekend long on #LaborLive, streaming LIVE from the Nebraska State Fair»

#TBT to this poor pit bull who was chained up in an abandoned lot. But, never fear, Tia was there to rescue the happy pup!

Watch the whole rescue here!

There’s more where that came from on October 4 at 10/9c when the new season of Pit Bulls and Parolees premieres!

It’s almost Labor Day!

That can only mean one thing: live birthing cam, brought to you by Animal Planet and the Nebraska State Fair!

Now, those three words may make you run for hills, like these micropiglets:


But don’t worry! It isn’t that bad; it’s the miracle of life! Plus you get to see cute baby farm animals like:




Chicks (minus the kitten, sorry everyone)





And calves!


So check out the #LaborLive birthing cam on from now until Labor Day, September 1, for our birthing event! 

Don’t forget to send us your reaction posts and photos and tag them using #LaborLive!

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